Node by example

Node by example: 13. Links & Where to go from here

13. Links & Where to go from here

The complete source code can be downloaded here:

Please note: Node.JS is still in active development, so that some articles may contain code that is no longer working with newer versions of Node.JS
During the time I wrote these articles node jumped from 0.1.3x to 0.1.9x resulting in several chapters requiring code changes to reflect the new or removed features.
In most cases you should be able to update the code by comparing the problematic parts with the Node.JS documentation and its unit tests.
If all fails try searching for the error in the official google groups.

Official Node.JS links:
Node.JS project homepage:
Node.JS documentation:
Node.JS official google group:
Node.JS official git repo:
Node.JS tests:
Node.JS JSConf 2009 presentation by Ryan Dahl:
Node.JS Modules:

Node.JS blogs & aggregators:
How To Node:

Interesting projects using Node.JS:
Twitter Node.js WebSocket Example:
Real time online activity monitor example with node.js and WebSocket: