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nExtPanel & nExtPanelGears

nExtPanel provides a javascript web frontend to connect to your cPanel accounts WHM via the cPanel API.
It provides detailed account information and displays details about the server environment, where your cPanel account is hosted on.

Simply login using your WHM login details and nExtPanel will connect to the remote server to gather the account & server details via cPanel API queries.
If you prefer not to use your WHM password, then you can use your remote access key to connect.

nExtPanel is a concept application to integrate the cPanel API into a dynamic web frontend, provided by the Ext JS library.

nExtPanelGears provides the same account details, but uses Google Gears to save the account information locally, so that you only need to synchronize the data when necessary. This results in a noticeable speed gain, every time you reload the page after your first sync.

The nExtPanel demo is available here:

nExtPanelGears can be accessed here:

For more details go to