Google Chrome

Google Chrome extension 'reload' bug

I have been experimenting with Google Chrome extension development and stumbled over a rather annoying issue:

In some cases an unpacked extension will not reload when you click on the 'Reload' link on the extension page.
The only way to get the extension to reload properly is to close & restart the browser itself.

This is extremely confusing and caused me quite a bit of headache while debugging my extension project. I was debugging the message passing between a background and content script when I noticed that a console.log() entry was still triggered every time I reloaded the extension, even though it was already commented out in the source code.

Luckily this is a known issue and you can 'star' it here:

One commenter suggests adding a

console.log("edit 1");

line to the extension and then increment it every time you edit the file, which seems like a good solution until this issue has been addressed.

Nevertheless, google chrome extension development is a lot of fun and you can expect some more posts about it in the near future to showcase my extension.