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Google Chrome

Google Chrome extension 'reload' bug

I have been experimenting with Google Chrome extension development and stumbled over a rather annoying issue:

In some cases an unpacked extension will not reload when you click on the 'Reload' link on the extension page.
The only way to get the extension to reload properly is to close & restart ...

JavaScript & Ajax

ExtJS and Adobe Air

I am currently experimenting with ExtJS and its Adobe Air support and just stumbled over an odd bug, while working on a grid mockup.

If the first column in the grid doesn’t have an ID assigned, then the sorting feature will be unavailable on that first column. Additionally ADL ...

Tools & Apps

Subversion "ordinal" errors on Windows

If you receive the following error message:
The ordinal 3873 could not be located in the dynamic library LIBEAY32.DLL
when installing/running Trac, SVN, Ruby, Rails, Python or mod_python on a Windows PC, then this is most likely the result of having mismatching SVN versions installed.

Copy the LIBEAY32 ...

JavaScript & Ajax

Ext JS & Firebug console.log error

If you are experiencing a “console undefined” error when using console.log() in a Ext JS function call, e.g.:

Ext.onReady(function() { console.log('foo'); });

Then please check the order of your script and stylesheet tags in your header. Make sure any css & js files from the Ext JS ...